Posted on April 14, 2022

Busty Blonde Fucked By Towing Company

The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. The incident depicted happens every day around the world. Young, attractive women with large breasts discover that their parked cars are missing and have been taken away by towing firms. Many are left stranded and angry by these parking lot plunderers. One woman decides to take assertive action, fight back and reclaim her automobile against all odds. She'll take it lying down. Her name: Bridgette B., and she's a voice for all big-boobed women whose cars have been towed. When Bridgette finds her vehicle has been taken and she must pay a ridiculous fee to get it back, she stomps into the lair of this operation and demands total satisfaction from the manager, JMac. She not only gets it, she gets her car back, too. Chalk up a victory for this busty and curvy blonde. SCORELAND commends Bridgette's take-charge attitude. Bridgette B.'s favorite sexual position? It depends on the guy's ... Big Boobs video featuring: Bridgette B, JMac (a.k.a. J Mac). (Video duration: 19:53)

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Posted on April 13, 2022

6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Bridgette B.

What are the 6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Bridgette B.? Here they are: 1) Bridgette B. is from Barcelona, Spain. So how can she be a fan of the Madrid football (soccer) team? 2) What does self-described workout addict Bridgette B. like to do to keep her body hot and shapely? 3) What would be Bridgette's all-time favorite hiking trip? 4) Bridgette likes to be naked at the beach. What are some of her favorite beaches to go bare? 5) Bridgette likes sucking toes. What's that about? 6) Bridgette's favorite sexual positions depends on her partner's cock. What does that mean? To hear Bridgette's answers, click play. You're not gonna read them here. Thank you again, Bridgette B. Bridgette B. will be back in a third hot XXX scene. Stay tuned! ... (Video duration: 03:16)

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Posted on April 12, 2022

Bridgette B Visits SCORELAND

Gorgeous Bridgette B finally visits SCORE! Many of you have seen or heard of Bridgette B. The blonde porn star was born in Spain and has lived in the States for 18 years. She fills us in about her interests and hobbies in a chat, undressing piece by piece. A Real Madrid football fan, Bridgette loves to cook and entertain friends. Bridgette has a smokin' hot, slim-and-stacked body. She pretty much knows everything there is to know about sex and porn. Her favorite position depends on her partner's cock dimensions. Bridgette can handle really big dicks. She likes foreplay that starts all day via phone and text. I love going back and forth. I love sensual girls who know how to actually eat pussy. It's delicious to give and to receive. I love anal sex. It's amazing! There's nothing better than getting off from both vagina and ass! Bridgette B's first SCORE anal scene is set for June 27. Mark that date! ... (Video duration: 22:12)

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Posted on April 08, 2022

Bridgette B Gets Blacked

Featuring: Bridgette B, Jon Jon.

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Posted on April 07, 2022

Hammering The Hair Salon Don

Bridgette B is a boss ass bitch, and when I say bitch, I mean BITCH! Our stud is trying his hardest to be a hairstylist when she comes in giving him a hard time about seemingly every last hair on the floor. She makes him get down and sweep while berating him the whole time. Then, things take a turn. She shoves his face into her snatch, rubbing her pussy all over him in the middle of the hair salon! She almost gets caught by a customer, so she approaches him in the bathroom for a drooling blowjob. Then, she makes him fuck her eager cunt while a customer gets her hair dried right next to them. This boss bitch is crazy!

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Posted on April 06, 2022

Stacked Mylf Undresses And Impresses

Bridgette B is an european beauty with outrageous curves and and tits that will make you cream in your pants. She was given the hottest outfit ever to accentuate all of her ASSets. We could not take her clothed much longer, so she began to strip nude and start to fuck our stud. She utilized her mouth in unorthodox ways to truly show her age and experience. This stud was not left wanting for much after this blowjob except maybe to fuck Bridgettes tight cunt. It was as smooth as velvet and clasped around his cock like a form fitting glove. Bridgette even constricted it with her pussy too for added pleasure. It did not take long for them both to be ready to finish. Bridgette wanted a creamy load on her tits and the stud just needed to relieve himself. All in all, for his first mature fuck, this was quite the mind blowing experience.

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Posted on March 31, 2022

Happy Single's day

From all the people you've met in your neighborhood, you never thought Bridgette B was going to be your neighbor. After thousands of plans, the chance to be her Single's Day present from VirtualRealPorn finally arrived. Even though it wasn't very ethical, you were able to make your dream come true and do an anal with her. The rest stays between Bridgette, you and this adventure. (Video duration: 46:40 min)

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Posted on March 23, 2022

Bridgette B's Second Appearance

With her husband barely in the grave, new widow Bridgette is already feeling the need to get some new cock up her cooch. Hell she's a Cougar and on the prowl and who cares if her first victim is one of her husbands best friends. He was there at the funeral with her. He should understand her needs. Bridgette needs a dick in her and fast. What a pleasant surprise it is too when Jax pulls out a monstrous thunder bomber from his pants. Now that is some serious dickage and this horny Cougar has one salivating mouth that needs to get stretched out with manmeat. Sucking on that cock gets her pussy gushing juices and soon she finds herself buried balls deep with it. Maybe it's her new found instability in life or the shock of losing her husband but whatever it is she is really getting off on this cock today. She has a new found freedom and definitely will be on a cock hunt. When he unloads his gonads onto her massive tittery she is already making mental plans of hitting happy hour and taking some new cock home with her. Featuring: Bridgette B. (Video duration: 36:21)

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Posted on March 03, 2022

A Very Thorough Cleaning Maid

Tommy Pistol can not help but notice that his maid only dusts. Week after week she walks around with her feather duster bending over and dusting, bending over and dusting. Does she ever mop or clean windows? What is it with all this bending over and why doesn't she ever wear panties? Bridgette B is a naughty maid and she needs a spanking. Tommy just wants her to work, why does she insist on a spanking and why will she not wear panties? What a strange maid... where is this leading? Ok... did you really expect her to clean the windows? This is a porno what did you expect to happen?!? Bridgette is going to polish his knob and her pussy is so wet. It is time for Tommy to do some cleaning on that pussy and then fuck her the way she needs. She is getting a big tip and it will be put deep in that wet pussy! Starring: Bridgette B, Tommy Pistol. (Video duration: 23:39)

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Posted on November 09, 2021

Bridgette B And Her Huge Tits Fuck you

Bambino shows up to his buddy's house, he's not home but Mrs Bridgette B lets him come in to charge his phone. She offers him some water while his phone is charging. They start some conversation she mentions how great he looks and he must be hitting the gym! After her divorce she hasn't had time to hit the gym but she does have time to shop! She recently got a few new dresses and since they have some time to kill it would be a grand idea for Bambino to help her pick one out. Come to find out there was no dress after all. She needed an excuse to get you into her bedroom. You come with a hard dick hoping for the best and the best is what you got, Mrs. B. sucking your hard cock. A true MILF who knows what she wants and what she's doing. She grinds on your cock and you fuck her so good. You are making her feel so good and you can't get enough of her huge tits! You are so turned on you can't help but to come all over her.

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